Effective date: July 29, 2020
Last Modified Date: July 29, 2020

Please read this document carefully before using the «cz.razem.work» Site.

By accessing «cz.razem.work» Site and receiving the Services provided by Razem, after registration, as well as by clicking on the Website confirming your consent, you accept the terms set out in these Regulations and agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these terms in the Agreement, we ask you to stop using this Site and the Services provided by Razem.

1. The following terms and conditions are used in this Agreement:

1.1 Razem — a legal entity registered in accordance with Polish law, possessing the following data:
Razem Sp. z. o. o.
KRS 0000720974
NIP 5252742175
Region 36958877000000
WARSAW, str. Twarda, 18, 00-105, as well as companies and associates that conduct business activities, including by providing Services through the Website.

1.2 Employer — a natural person, acting on his own behalf or authorized to represent a legal entity (who directly works or stays in an employment agency), having full legal capacity in accordance with applicable law, publishing informational messages (public in the form of advertisements and private in forms of invitations), which cover, among others vacancies and working conditions, uses the functionality of the Website to search Users and notify Users about the invitation to work, but is not affiliated with Razem.

1.3 User — natural person whose data is placed on the Website, who has voluntarily consented to the processing of his personal data for recruitment purposes in accordance with the resource's Privacy Policy, as well as to contact the Employer via the functional Website or outside the Website.

1.4 Account - the employer's individual website (Profile) on the Website, to which the Employer receives access in the event of Registration. The Profile displays Employer's Personal Data and other information with which a registered User can use the Razem Services, including: a list of Employers, information from Employers, and can also apply for a job. The appropriate Employer, Website Administrator and User have access to the Employer's Account in the scope determined by the Website Administrator and in accordance with the Regulations.

1.5 Personal data - information provided by the Employer when creating an Account on the Website, namely: name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address, company name and data of the legal person represented by the Employer (including KRS number and tax identification number).

1.6 Services - all information services provided by Razem through the Website.

1.7 Privacy Policy - is an integral part of the Terms of use, specifying the procedure for collecting, storing and processing Employer's Personal Data, Razem and regulates the relationship between Employer's Personal Data and Razem; published on the Internet at https://cz.razem.work/pages/default/view?page=privacy-policy

1.8 Web Site — website, hosted on the Internet at https://cz.razem.work/, for which Razem owns all intellectual property rights necessary to provide the Services.

1.9 Agreement (Terms of Use) - this document regarding the use of the Site, all changes and additions to it, as well as the Privacy Policy, which together form the agreement of association between the Employe and Razem.

2. Description of the Services and procedure for providing the Services

2.1 The subject of these Regulations is the order and specificity of the use of the Website and its functions by the Employer, the obligations and responsibilities of the Employer, as well as the rights and obligations of Razem regarding the Employer.

2.2. Services are provided free of charge only to a specified extent by the Website Administrator. Razem may change the terms of use of the Website, payment conditions, the order in which the Services are provided, in order to provide any additional Services, including paid ones.

2.3 The employer may search Users' profiles in the database without registering the Account. To be able to send messages to Users and post information about job offers, the Employer registers an Account on the Website by filling out the registration form. Job offers and registration are free. For better access (including increasing the number of invitations that the Employer may send to the User), additional paid services can be purchased in the form of 30 days from the last change made.

To obtain access to Users' contact details, the Employer must purchase the Tariffs, which is why you need to use this website's internet-eguairing system from third parties. Active tariff within 30 days of activation. If all invitations are not used within 30 days, they will be canceled.

2.4 Under the terms of this Agreement Razem provides Services that includes:

3. The order of payment for services, refund and consideration of complaints

3.1 Payments on the Website are made via PayU Internet Acquiring (in the legal person of PayU S.A., which is the Administrator of Personal Data), in accordance with their requirements for payment, payment processing and information, refund and consideration of complaints. So that the payment can be made by transfer to the Razem account, with the help of an invoice, which the Employer issues himself on his created page. Razem may change the payment method, giving advance notice of such changes in the manner specified in points 5.1 and 10.2 of these Regulations.

3.2 Payment on the Website takes place after the employer selects the tariff within the limits set by the Website Administrator. The payment of paid services for the indicated period takes place after confirmation of successful payment by the Website Administrator, in the case of payment by bank transfer or through the PayU system, the payment will be automatically confirmed.

3.3 The current list of tariffs for additional services can be found at the following link: https://cz.razem.work/site/tariffs

3.4 The service fee allows the Employer to send a specified number of invitations to the User in accordance with the conditions specified in the Tariff. Razeml can provide access to other functions, as well as give other benefits compared to free access to the Website and Services, about which the Website Administrator is obliged to inform Employers who have not made a payment for services.

3.5 Information on the payment of services, confirmation or rejection and other information related to paid Services on the Website will be sent to the Employer by e-mail, indicated when registering the Account.

3.6 The cost of the paid subscription is not returned to the Employer.

3.7 All applications and complaints from the Employer directed to the Website Administrator regarding payments and not subject to the conditions of the Third Party Regulations, set out in point 3.1 of these Regulations, shall be considered within 72 (seventy-two) hours.

3.8 Any questions regarding payments not covered by these Regulations may be subject to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the relevant third party Online acquiring, as specified in point 3.1 of the Regulations.

4. Employer's responsibility

4.1 The employer is obliged to use the Website and Services in an appropriate manner, without prejudice to the rights of other Employers, Users, third parties and Razem, including intellectual property rights. The Employer may not require Users to pay for employment or for any employment-related activities.

4.2 The employer is obliged to ensure the security of his Account to prevent access by unauthorized persons.

4.3 The Employer may not violate the Website's integrity, interfere with its normal operation, attempt to obtain the Website's source code, obtain unauthorized access to the accounts of other Employers, install malicious code in the fields to enter on the Website, run automated programs in order to prevent access to the Website by other users, collect, store and / or process information from the Website (including data on other Employers and Users), including using data analysis.

4.4 The Purchaser undertakes to provide true and transparent information on their Account and to pay for paid services. It is forbidden to provide false information as well as information about another person who is not an Employer.

ATTENTION!!! It is forbidden to put the employer's contact details in the content of job offers: on photos, videos, or provide them in any other way.

4.5 The employer is required to have only one Account. The regulations prohibit employers from creating more than one Account.

4.6 The employer must provide true information in the offers.

5. Razem responsibility

5.1 Razem is responsible for timely and correct provision of Services via the Website, as well as for the administration of the Website. Company Razem undertakes to notify the Employer in a proper manner about changes to the terms of use of the Website and the provision of Services referred to in point 2.2 of the Regulations, via e-mail (e-mail address), indicated when registering the Account or making a Subscription.

5.2 Razem is not responsible for the content of materials posted by Employers and / or Users on the Website and information that Employers and / or Users provide on their Account or when communicating with each other. Razem EN provides only information services in the field of searching potential employees for work, browsing User information and communication between Employer and User, and also does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by the User.

5.3 Razem is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by using the Website.

5.4 Razem EN strives to maintain the Website without errors and ensure maximum security, but cannot guarantee the total absence of errors, failures and defects during the operation of the Website, as well as its fitness for the purposes set out in the Regulations.

6. Razem rights

6.1 Razem has the right to make any changes at website at its own direction.

6.2 Razem has the right to change Employer and User Information without notice.

6.3 Razem has the right to edit or delete material posted by the User or the Employer on the Site, if they do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, prejudice Razem or third parties, as well as at its sole discretion without giving any reason.

6.4 The employer allows limited use of the trademark, trade name and / or other sign necessary to identify the entity that is represented by the employer in order to indicate the employer as a user partner on the website. The Employer also transfers the exclusive ownership rights to Razem to all text, photo and video materials posted by the Employer on the Website.

6.5 Razem has the right to limit access to the Website, completely restrict access and / or block and / or delete the Employer's Account if the Employer has violated one or more of the conditions of these Regulations and also in the event of a complaint from the User about the Employer.

7. Privacy and Privacy Policy

7.1 Razem Endeavors to maintain the maximum confidentiality of any restricted information posted on the Site.

7.2 Razem guarantees that all Employer Personal Data will be used, stored and processed in the Razem and third parties database, in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Poland (including the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, the applicable Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU ) 2016/679). Razem will make every effort to use, store and process Personal Data in accordance with other applicable regulations. In turn, the Employer agrees to the use, storage and processing of Personal Data only as part of the Razem Services.

7.3 The procedure for collecting Personal Data, transferring it to third parties, storing and other information regarding the handling of Personal Data is contained in the Privacy Policy.

8. Intellectual property rights

8.1 All components of the Site and the Site as a whole are owned by Razem under license and protected by intellectual property law, in accordance with the applicable law. All rights reserved.

8.2 Employer confirms and accepts that all content and materials available on the Website are protected, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secret. Reproduction, copying or dissemination of any content without the written permission of Razem is strictly prohibited.

8.3 Employers and third parties may be held liable for any infringement of intellectual property rights for the dissemination of information on the website without the written consent of the authors. The use of intellectual property of Razem for any purpose that is not expressly provided for in the Regulations is strictly prohibited.

9. Applicable law and dispute resolution

9.1 All disputes between the User and Razem in the implementation of this Agreement shall be resolved by negotiation.

9.2 If it is impossible to reach agreement and settle the dispute by negotiation within 30 (thirty) calendar days, the dispute will be referred to the competent court of the Republic of Poland in accordance with applicable law.

9.3 The applicable law will be Polish law.

10.Final provisions

10.1 Razem reserves the right to amend, supplement and exclude the provisions of the Regulations.

10.2 The new version of the Terms of use will become effective from the moment it is posted on the Website, unless otherwise specified in the new version of the Terms of use. The date of the last change will be indicated in the Regulations in the field "Last Modified Date".

10.3 The Employer may resign from accepting the Regulations at any time, leave the use of the Website and receive the services of the company Razem, and subscribe by sending a statement of refusal to renew the subscription to the Website Administrator by e-mail.

10.4 Razem may resign from the Regulations at any time by notifying the Employers of this via electronic mail, indicated at the time of Account registration or when subscribing, as well as posting information on the Website.

10.5 If you have questions about the implementation of these Regulations, information on the provision of Services, please contact us at the email address: admin@razem.work or by phone at +48 22 307 41 48.